Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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afghanistan_nederlandThe Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Kingdom of the Netherlands have been enjoying friendly relations for many decades. The official diplomatic relations between the two countries was established in 1954. H.E. President Hamid Karzai visited twice the Kingdom of The Netherlands on March 31 and June 9 to 11 of 2008. These two landmark visits further strengthened the ties between the two friendly nations.

In 2002 Afghanistan opened its Consulate General office in Amsterdam. Later on, the Consulate General office was moved to Hague. The first Ambassador of Holland presented its credential to H.E. President Karzai on 19-08-2004.

Due to the importance government of Afghanistan attaches to expansion of friendly relations with the Kingdom of The Netherlands, decided promoted the General Consulate to the embassy. The promotion of the General Consulate to Embassy was officially announced on at the presence of high ranking officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and the Netherlands and representatives of Afghans living in the Netherlands. Prior to that date the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Brussels was serving as none resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Lifting the level of diplomatic presentation of Afghanistan in the Netherlands opened a new phase and further strengthening the already existing cordial relations between the countries.

H.E. Enayatullah Nabiel presented his credential, as the first Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to Her Majesty Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on December 1st 2010 and officially began his work.

The Netherlands is among the top ten donor countries supporting Afghanistan and is among the countries that fulfilled majority of its commitments and provided nearly all of the funds pledged in Tokyo Conference for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.